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An Unimaginable Connection

Experience the closeness of your Loved One every single day with a beautiful Keepsake from Legacy Touch. Find unimaginable connection that you can carry wherever you go through a cherished fingerprint engraved in a finely crafted Keepsake or piece of Jewelry. From Charms to Pendants to Dog Tags, Bookmarks, Keychains, and more, our custom Fingerprint Jewelry and Keepsakes are carefully handcrafted by our professional artisans and are as unique as the love they represent.

Celebrating Life

The Legacy Touch team of artists and jewelers carefully handcraft every Fingerprint Keepsake and piece of Jewelry to ensure it is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind representation of the bond you share with a Loved One. From the compact prints of an infant to the distinct life lines of the elderly, learn our process for creating heirlooms full of meaning and connection.

How It Works

We take fingerprints of every single person entrusted into our care. Those prints are stored in a secure database and assigned a special PIN. When you decide to purchase a Legacy Touch keepsake (now, or in the future) you simply provide the PIN number when requested during the ordering process.

From the prints provided in your PIN, professional Legacy Touch artists select and enhance the best one for your Keepsake. The lines and grooves that make the print unique are left intact to ensure a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

The print is engraved on your Keepsake of choice, then polished and handled with care to deliver a meaningful, custom piece that represents and honors your love.

Ordering Your Personalized Keepsake

When ordering your personalized keepsake, be sure you have your loved one’s fingerprint PIN available. If you don’t have one, or have misplaced it, give us a call and we can help! Visit legacytouch.com or click the button below to get started creating and ordering your personalized keepsake.