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A Comforting Connection

Thumbies® handcrafts personalized jewelry and keepsakes using your loved one’s unique fingerprint (or handprint/footprint). Each personalized piece employs the transformative power of touch to keep you connected to your loved one, providing ever-present physical and emotional anchors to carry with you every day.

Celebrating Life

Simply touching the highly tactile surface of a Thumbies® keepsake evokes cherished memories of your loved one, connecting them to you and the generations to follow. Having a unique, tangible connection brings comfort in some of life’s most difficult moments.

How It Works

We take fingerprints of every single person entrusted into our care. Those prints are stored in a secure database and assigned a special Session ID number. When you decide to purchase a keepsake through Thumbies® (now, or in the future) you simply provide the Session ID number when requested during the ordering process. Using a process first perfected thousands of years ago, a Thumbies® skilled artisan handcrafts and individually finishes your keepsake, right in the U.S. heartland. When finished (usually within 7 working days), it is shipped straight to you!

Ordering Your Personalized Keepsake

When ordering your personalized keepsake, be sure you have your loved one’s fingerprint Session ID available. If you don’t have one, or have misplaced it, give us a call and we can help! Visit or click the button below to get started creating and ordering your personalized keepsake.