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Why Plan Ahead?

Plan Ahead for Your Family

Give the gift of love

Many are unaware of the fact that more than 150 decisions must be completed within the first few days after the death of a loved one. By arranging your final wishes now, you can ensure that your family avoids the added stress of making these tough decisions during their time of grief. 

Leaving your wishes to be made by family may leave them second guessing if their decisions were what you actually would have wanted. Instead, by planning in advance, you and your family can rest assured that you were remembered as you wanted to be, and help eliminate emotional overspending that can occur from grief or guilt when loved ones are left to make these decisions. Your final wishes will be carried out exactly how you envisioned. 

Funeral Preplanning Saves MoneySave Financially

By planning ahead and prefunding, know that you are getting the service you want at today’s prices. Many individuals assume that their savings or life insurance policies can cover their final expenses.  However, funerals must be paid for up front, and many life insurance policies and bank accounts aren’t accessible to families at the time of need. 

By prefunding, your family won’t be in a situation where they don’t know who and if they can fund your funeral service.  The funds that are set aside when an individual prefunds, through a funeral home or with a funeral trust, are no longer considered an asset, thereby protecting them from Medicaid, nursing homes, creditors, and probate.

Feel at peace 

You and your loved ones can have the peace of mind knowing that although you won’t need the plans for years to come, when they are needed, they will eliminate emotional and financial hardship.

Ensure meaningful and personal funeral arrangements now. We are here to guide you through this process. Are you ready to plan your final wishes? Give us a call to get started today.

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Leave your loved one with the gift of knowing they’ve fulfilled your final wishes from the comfort of your own home.